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A Message from the President

The UAE Government is keen on harnessing the advanced technologies such as robotics, automation and artificial intelligence and their impactful applications that improve government services and life quality as well.


We, at the Robotics and Automation Society, aim to support the UAE’s efforts to become a global hub for robotics and automation and a testbed for the emerging technologies. We aim also to accelerate the adoption of robotics and automation technologies through strategic partnerships with public and private sectors, educational institutions and research centers.


The Society will play a significant role in advancing knowledge and adopting human-centered robotics solutions that boost digital economy across the UAE.


We aspire to be a national hub for all those who are interested in robotics and advanced technologies, celebrating the achievements of local roboticists, and offering great opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, and strategic collaborations, as we believe that togetherness is the most powerful drive for absolute success.

Dr. Saeed AlDhaheri

President / Robotics and Automation Society