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Khalifa AlQama is the Head of Dubai Future Labs (DFL), an initiative of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF). It is envisioned to be the region’s industrial R&D service centre and home for its first Research and Technology Organization (RTO). In his role, AlQama’s responsibilities include the development of specialized laboratories such as the Dubai Future Labs, the first Applied Research Lab in DFF that focuses on Automation, Robotics and AI. He has also built a team of researchers, scientists and analysts to create work that ensures that businesses in key UAE industries achieve long-term success. From his work in DFF, AlQama is also responsible for attracting key players from niche tech sectors to participate in consortia alongside industry representatives to conduct applied research in critical UAE industries of transport, logistics, services and construction. Prior to becoming Head of DFL, with more than 12 years’ experience in leadership roles and business management, AlQama successfully owned and managed several businesses in multiple fields such as engineering and printed electronics. With a vision and persistence to explore opportunities of untapped potential, he founded Opsys LLC, the multi-disciplinary engineering firm focused on fire prevention, which serves the region’s oil and gas, manufacturing and telecommunications industries with the state-of-the-art cutting-edge system, the CAP9 Fire Prevention System. AlQama completed several training programs including a specialized AI Program by the National Program for Artificial Intelligence. He holds a certificate in Business Information Technology from Higher Colleges of Technology.